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Welcome to Beach Cities SRA!

"The trouble with referees is that they just don't care which side wins."
                                                                            ~Tom Canterbury
                                                       Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Next General Meetings:


Instruction Topic:

Written test or Refereeing Body Language



Instruction Topic:
 2014 Test Review most missing questions or Refereeing Body Language

All General Meetings are held at the Masonic Lodge located at the corner of Carson St. and Woodruff Ave.  Meetings start at 7pm sharp!

5918 East Parkcrest
Long Beach, CA 90808


There is still time to get certified for 2014, you will not receive any games until your name appears on the Registered Officials list.
U.S. Soccer & Official Sports Renew Partnership through 2014! Read more...
Don't put those old (or new) ref jerseys away just yet...!

T-shirts are now available! Purchase them at the next general meeting and wear it with pride!  Want your own shirts screen  printed or embroidered? NO problem! Just bring it to the next  meeting.

Want to join BCSRA, fill out the application and submit to any board member. Your application will  be promptly reviewed and you will be notified of the board's decision. Membership dues are $50 adults and/or $25 youth 18 and under per year.     Thank you for your interest in  BCSRA!

Dates to Remember

10/14 General Meeting @7pm 
 At the Masonic Lodge

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Cal South

Coast Soccer League

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Tip of the day/week/year:
**ANY referees who show up to their assignments and have any issues (i.e. a team no shows, another ref no shows,you're at the wrong location, running late, fights during your game, etc...) please contact your assignor IMMEDIATELY via phone. Please follow up with an email as soon as possible to the assignor and necessary board members summarizing any and all issues you may have had.